Friday, 30 August 2013

How To Add and Update Your Medication List into The Med O’Clock Android Medical App

Consider the number of lists that people have created across the world – just today. People make lists of things they need to do, things they need to get at the grocery store, ingredients for a cake, things needed for a party, and more! There must be billions of lists being created today. Some are important and some are disposed as quickly as they are made.

A person’s list of medications is probably one of the most important lists that can be made. For ill people, having that list, keeping it updated, following the instructions for when to take the medication (i.e. a pill reminder alarm of sorts), and being able to share it with others is critical. That is why the Android medical app Med O’Clock was created.

Med O’Clock is an Android medical app that is your own pill reminder alarm. It lets you add users, such as family members. It lets you add medications – there are drug names available to choose from but you can also add your own medication in an open text field.

Making medication updates is really easy with the android medical app Med O’Clock. Simply go to the app’s main menu and select My Med Clock. Use the ADD button at the top. When at your list of users, the ADD button again, then ADD MEDICATION. A list of suggested medication names is provided. If you don’t find the drug you want to add, use the field ADD MEDICATION HERE to type in your specific medication. You will need to hit ADD when you are done typing. And then you are done! You have added a new medication to your Android medical app. And you can set up your pill reminder alarm. Easy!

So if you thought Med O’Clock was an Android medical app that was just a pill reminder alarm, you have not discovered all of the functionality available. The lite version is a free medical app that allows one to have a pill reminder alarm right there on their Android smartphone but also manage lists of medication.

So when you are making or throwing away your next list, think about your list of medications and how important they are your health. Think about how you can manage your list of medications. And how to best set up a pill reminder alarm. And then think about Med O’Clock – the Android medical app.

If you need a pill reminder alarm, get the Android medical app Med O'clock. Visit us at To learn more about how to update your medication information, go to the Med O’Clock FAQ page:

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